The most important step in coating your concrete floor is the surface preparation. Ninety percent of all floor coating failures can be traced back to this step, either by performing it improperly or by skipping it altogether. Surface contaminants such as dirt, oil, salts and previous coatings can cause a bond-breaking barrier between the coating and the floor.

At Custom Coating Solutions, we diamond grind our floors, which quickly removes old coatings and contaminants using a high velocity planetary diamond grinder. The result is a professionally prepared floor ready for any concrete coating.

Concrete Grinding and Surface Preparation

If you ever meet with a contractor who prepares epoxy floors with any other way besides diamond grinding, kindly send him packing back to his truck and out of your sight. Diamond grinding is the only way to prepare a concrete surface for an epoxy coating. Some contractors use harsh chemicals in place of grinding; some use pressure washers, and some just skip it all together. Amazingly, there are contractors out there who have to warranty upwards of 30 percent of their jobs because the epoxy won’t bond properly without the right preparation. These companies generally don’t last very long. Custom Coating Solutions, on the other hand, has not had a single warranty job — every floor we have completed was done right.