The professional Portland deck staining experts at Custom Coating Solutions know from experience that the wet and humid weather throughout the Pacific Northwest brings about unique challenges for maintaining exterior wood on your home’s siding or deck. As a result, these structures may lose their protective sealant faster than normal — as exposure to UV rays and rainfall causes them to fade, crack, split and warp.

While many painting companies claim they specialize in staining and sealing, many do not have the knowledge and experience to properly protect your wood in the harsh climate in the greater Portland region. It is vital that you work with licensed contractors who will guarantee that their work will deliver adequate protection over time.

Depending on the state of the wood being used, we begin by cleaning the area with a pressure washer and then apply a wood cleaner. For best results, we then lightly sand the area to be stained for a smoother application. Once we are satisfied that the wood is prepped and dry for staining, we can start the application process.

If you are thinking about staining and sealing your wooden siding or deck, contact the Portland staining and sealing experts at Custom Coating Solutions for a free estimate or call us directly at 503.332.0402.