Polished Concrete in Portland Oregon:

This is an extremely durable and beautiful flooring solution for commercial and industrial applications. The process begins with grinding the entire slab with heavy grit diamonds in order to remove old coatings or surface contaminants, and to remove the cream of the concrete and expose the aggregate. We continue the process by grinding with finer and finer diamonds tipped with resin in order to build up a reflective gloss finish on our polished concrete.

Grind and Seal:

This process is a more cost effective option than polishing concrete. We grind the concrete to open up the slab and seal it up with one of our many different sealants, depending on your desired look and durability requirements.

Concrete overlays:

If your concrete slab is not in good enough condition to polish or seal, the best option is to do an overlay. We pour an entirely new layer of concrete over the old in order to make your floor look like new again. This is a much more cost effective method than tearing out and replacing an entire slab