Our portland epoxy garage floors are a heavy duty flooring system that can withstand moisture vapor transmissions, uv yellowing, hot tire pick up, and general wear and tear. By using only the highest grade materials, our flooring experts can ensure that your portland epoxy garage floors has a long lifespan.

For residential garages, a flaked garage floor offers numerous benefits beyond being a beautiful luxury. In addition to providing long term durability that holds up to oil spills and various messes, these floors are easy to clean, keeping your garage floor looking new for years to come.

Each step in our process is followed precisely down to the smallest detail to ensure a perfect result every time. The first step is always to diamond grind the entire floor to ensure the coating bonds properly. After grinding the floor, we then fill in all the cracks and holes, allowing us to achieve a smooth, seamless finish. After taping adjacent areas, our knowledgeable portland epoxy garage floor experts will apply one coat of a moisture resistant 100% solids epoxy, covering about 10-15 mils thick. Immediately after coating, we spread flakes onto the floor while still wet until the floor is 100 percent covered and rejects further flakes.

After allowing for drying overnight, we will then scrape and collect excess chips. The next and final step is to apply the clear coat to seal in the flakes.