Property owners and business owners should give stained concrete floors a chance in their rental properties or place of business. They are very common in shops and restaurants and are a good choice for a kitchen, retail shop or other type of business.

With Custom Coating Solutions’ durable epoxy floor coatings, we can provide you with a floor that is going to need little or no maintenance for a very long time. Epoxy creates a shield over the porous concrete, which means that you’ll never have problems with stains and they will be very easy to clean. It can often times be a much better option than something like carpet, which stains easily and needs to be cleaned/replaced much more often than an epoxy coating. The most cleaning you’ll need to do is to give it a good mopping with a simple cleaner every month or so, depending on floor traffic and how important cleanliness is you.

As far as maintenance and replacement, once you have the floor coating on, you will not have to worry about replacing it, refinishing it, and deep cleaning it all the time. In commercial applications, the only maintenance you’ll need to do is sand a re-coat about every 10 years, and it is a relatively inexpensive process.

In a residential setting, you will likely never have to do anything to maintain your floor outside of cleaning it on occasion. A business owner with a retail shop may want to consider using a heavy duty epoxy topcoat to help lessen the wear and tear.

Otherwise, keeping the floor regularly clean and then polishing or re-coating every few years will keep it looking good. For the property or business owner looking to avoid headaches and throwing money away on replacing and maintaining other, non-durable floors, the stained concrete floor is going to provide you with a money-saving investment that you won’t have to worry about.

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