Stained concrete continues to enjoy increased popularity popular with Portland homeowners and can be the perfect flooringsolution for your basement.

Stained concrete floors are beautiful, durable and very affordable. There are many advantages to having a stained epoxy floor, and as such, it has become a popular choice in the Portland area. Residential basements have become a popular option for epoxy flooring. As the population in the Portland area has grown steadily, space is becoming more and more valuable and people are finding ways to utilize more living space within their homes.

If your home’s basement is old, damp and grungy with an ugly floor, it does not allow your family to utilize that space. A stained concrete floor in your basement will be extremely durable and easy to clean ‐ no stains can penetrate through the epoxy floor — and a simple mopping takes care of most messes.

Our environmentally friendly stained concrete floors contain little to no odor. The stain evaporates in under an hour and the top coatings are VOC free and low odor. By choosing one of our popular stained concrete flooring options, you can begin to transform your basement into an environmentally friendly, visually appealing room that you can rent out or add living space to your home.

In addition to basements, stained concrete can also be a great choice for a mudroom, laundry room, bathroom, or even an entire floor plan.

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