Are you planning or currently working on a house remodel? Need some new and creative ideas to add value and beauty to your home? Here’s a few ways you can incorporate the unique and functional arsenal of concrete flooring options that are available.

  1. Try a Reflector Enhancer bathroom floor. A Reflector Enhancer floor can be overwhelming in some situations, but a choice color selection in a small room like a bathroom can really pay off. Since you can pick multiple colors in each floor, pick a couple of colors that accent the current colors in the bathroom. If you have white walls and millwork, maybe use a grey-ish silver color such as Gun Metal or Titanium.
  2. Staining a concrete floor in a basement can really rejuvenate the look of a dark and dingy basement. The rustic look a stained concrete can conceal and improve the flow of the entire room. Try adding new fluorescent lightbulbs to bring out the stain colors and lighten up the room.
  3. Epoxy your garage floor. Yes, we all know that you can apply an epoxy to your garage floor. But did you know that our granite flake system can improve the re-sell value of your house, and help you sell it quicker? Potential buyers who would have otherwise never thought to improve their garage floor will look at it and see the functionality and beauty that it provides.
  4. Don’t neglect the outdoor concrete either! A solid color epoxy in either a tan or a grey and can make cracked, dirty, stained, mildewey concrete look brand new again. You can apply this to many different outdoor concrete surfaces: walkways, patios, non-aggregate driveway, hot tub pads, and more.
  5. Got a pool? Quartz, a tiny sand-like granule material, is the perfect slip resistant solution to ensure safety and beauty around your pool. Topcoat with a cost-effective UV-resistant urethane and your pool will continue to be a relaxing oasis for you and your loved ones.

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